FAQs for Waggy Dog Walking Services Hinckley

Q. Where are you based?

A. Hinckley, Leicestershire  East Midlands UK

Q. What areas of Leicestershire do you cover for Dog Walks?

A. Anywhere within an approximate area of 3-5 miles of Hinckley, Leicestershire UK. Covering Hinckley, Burbage, Barwell, Stoke Golding, Higham on the Hill, Wolvey, Daddlington & areas of Nuneaton. Please don’t hesitate to contact me even if your home town is not listed above.

Q. Are you part of a larger Franchise?

A. No, I run my own business & am not part of any larger organisations or franchises. I offer tailored Dog Walking/Pet Services & am very flexible in the services I offer. My small business is my pride & joy, I do not cut corners or hide behind other staff members or colleagues when it comes to responsibility. I am a registered small UK Business & as my Business is my passion, I believe that trust & reputation is key, something that some larger companies easily lose sight of as they have grown, aswell as customer satisfaction!

” Large enough to matter, Small enough to care “

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Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes of course, Waggy Dog Walking Services Hinckley has professional Pet Business Insurance cover – including Customer Key Cover, Public Liability & cover for walking upto 6 Dogs at any one time. Rest asssured that I do not cut corners & take my Dog Walking Business, its customers & all animals in my care very seriously & have such things like insurance covered!

Q. Where will my Dog(s) be walked?

A. I fully understand that not all dogs are the same and like humans we all have different routines and requirements in life. Some dogs do not travel well in cars and some prefer to stick to what they know in their local area. Therefore the answer to this question really does depend on the dog and their owners on an individual basis as circumstances change from one man and his dog, to the next.  I am happy to collect your dog and walk them in their local park or route if that is what is asked of me, on the flip side (and dependent on walk duration selected), I am also happy to take dogs on a solo or group walk basis slightly further afield to larger parks or exercise areas such as Burbage Common, canal side walks etc. Flexibility is key, and this is exactly what I can offer you and your dog on a daily or weekly basis. Variety is the spice of life!

Q. Will My Dog be walked off lead?

A. Once your dog has gained confidence with me (& vice versa), has shown signs of gaining my trust & obeying commands on lead (including recall!) & is generally showing no signs of fear or other issues, a mutual decision can be made between myself & yourself (the dog owner) as to whether all concerned are happy to proceed with “off-lead” dog walks going forward. An additional “Off Lead Consent Form” will be signed by the dog owner (only) confirming that the potential risks & liability disclaimers have been read & understood. Under no circumstances will any dogs be walked off lead without an up to date, visible & readable Dog ID Tag on their collar.  (regardless of microchip status – this is purely in the best interest of your dog)

Q. If I request Group Walks for my Dog Walk option, will my dog be walked with other dogs immediately?

A. Group dog walks are a great way to let your dog socialise & feel at one with their natural instincts. As mentioned above, once your dog has gained confidence and has shown signs of gaining my trust & obeying commands on lead (including recall!) & is generally showing no signs of fear or other issues, I will happily introduce them into a group walk where possible. (*see below)  I usually recommend at least 3 Solo walks for new dogs/customers initially, to enable myself and the dog to bond 1 on 1  , without ploughing straight in with a new dog walker plus new dogs in one go! that could be a disaster, and no dog wants wants a conflict on day one of their new walks with their new potential pals!! It may also be advised to delay longer solo or group walks with puppies as it not advised to over exert their young soft bones.

* NB. Additional Note regarding Group Dog Walks. Walking dogs in a group walk may not always be possible depending on pickup/collection location in relation to those of other existing dogs within a group.  Where possible, a new Group Dog Walk may well be created for you and your dog (thus being first to join) if a suitable existing group dog walk is not available at the times, days or location requested. Not all dogs get on with each other as well know! so caution will be applied when introducing any new dogs into a new group walk environment. If any issues arise amongst dogs within a group walk, re-grouping them into a new group may be recommended & suggested where necessary & possible.

Feel free to recommend my Dog Walking Services to friends, family or neighbours & your dog could be socialising frequently with dogs from their own neighbourhood! this way groups will grow along with lots of happy hound friendships! Don’t forget, recommend me to a friend to qualify for a FREE 30 minute dog walk for your dog! 

 Q. Do you offer Pet sitting & Home visits?

A. Yes of course, the same approach is taken on this area and I offer 30 minute or 1 hour dog sitting, home visit sessions – this time is set aside to fulfill your dogs requirements during this time – be it feeding time, water check, play time, or simply a comfort break outside and a bit of fuss. These simple yet often overlooked approaches can help break up the day for a lonely dog and help with their behaviour and separation anxiety when their owners are out all day working. My emphasis is with dogs and puppies, however having owned a range of Pets throughout my life (including Dogs, Cats, Tropical Fish, Birds,Tortoises), I am happy to offer home/feeding visits for most legal domesticated pets.

Q. What are you Terms & Conditions of service?

A. Terms & Conditions are listed fully here on the Terms & Conditions Page

Q. Where is my house key stored when it is given to Waggy Dog Walking Hinckley?

A. Your house key is kept in a locked safe and treated like the crown jewels.  Rest assured that no customer details of any variety are kept with the any keys. Respect and reputation is number one for me as a professional dog walker offering a service to like minded dog lovers, your trust in me is key! I am also happy to collect a key from your neighbour should you prefer.

Q. What Payment methods do you accept?

A. Cash is the easiest form of payment and can be discussed more in detail when we meet and greet for the 1st time.  A “dog walk” log sheet is signed by both myself and the owner after each walk which simply tracks the time, date and duration of each dog walk (or home visit) completed – along with a payment section, so we can all keep track and up to date. Simple yet effective to avoid confusion.

Q. When do I pay?

A. As I like to highlight with my Dog Walking Service, flexibility is key and this applies both ways – if you are a frequent customer I happily accept payment at the end of each week (the last day of the working week that I walk your dog), less frequent customers ie once a month for example, payment is appreciated upon return of each dog walk. I do not insist on payment up front like a lot of Dog Walkers! If a last minute walk is completed but the owner is not around due to unforeseen circumstances, this is perfectly understandable and is not a problem, payments can be settled on my next visit or indeed via internet banking (BACS payments at your next convenience). This is also why I use a Dog Walk activity log to keep track of all services completed.

Q. Do you advertise Hinckley Dog Walking Services on your vehicle as I have not seen you in the area?

A. No I don’t, this is intentional as a lot of my customers do not wish for the fact that they are out of the house or on holiday to be blatantly advertised to potential ‘shady characters’ by a Dog Walkers Van plastered in adverts be parked outside their home for the duration of some Dog Walks. This could give the wrong signals to the wrong people! This is purely to build confidence and re-assurance with my customers to ensure that they are comfortable with all aspects of my Dog Walking Business.

Q. I have a query that is not listed above, how can I contact you?

A. No problems, simply follow the contact form link – this will display all methods for contacting me with your query.

Contact Me

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